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Running Odoo applications

In the previous section we have create our new codoo project, now we will see how to start the odoo application server.

Codoo support two ways to run odoo, using venv or using docker & docker-compose.


codoo serve [OPTIONS]

Available options

Option Type Default Description
--local BOOLEAN True Running the project locally
--docker BOOLEAN Running the project with docker


Open your console terminal, move into your new project directory and start the web server as follows:

codoo serve
codoo serve --docker

Now open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8069, if everything is working, you’ll see the odoo database page.

The new odoo instance


Later, when you are finished working, press Ctrl+C to stop the server from your terminal.

At this point, we have a ready to use envirement, so we can jump to the next planet, Generate an addons.

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