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If you want to create a new project or install an existing one, codoo makes it easy for you.

Check bellow

codoo project --help
python3 -m codoo project --help

1. Generate project

To generate a project you can simply use this command.

codoo project generate
python3 -m project generate

This command will ask questions about your projects.

Note: All questions are mandatory.

Question Description
Project name The name for your project
Odoo version Odoo version (11 to 13)
Odoo license Odoo license Community (Default) or Enterprise
Description Project description
Author Project Author
Website Project Website
Prefix Prefix to use for your project

A confirmation will apear choose y to confirm or n to abort.

Note: The command codoo project generate installs project dependencies by default.

2. Install project

If you already have an exisiting project you can use this command to install its dependencies.

codoo project install
python3 -m project install

Note: replace 'project_name' with the name you choose for your project.

After you created or installed your project, you can simply run using the Server command.

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