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Models and be easily created with a single command.

codoo model --help
python3 -m model --help

1. Generate model

codoo model generate
python3 -m model generate

This command will ask questions about your new model.

Note: All questions are mandatory.

Question Description
Model Type The model type of choice Model (Default), TransientModel, AbstractModel
Model name The name of the model
Description Model description
Add fields You will be asked if you want to add fields, click y to accept or n to to continue without fields
Field name The name of the field
Field type The field type Char (Default), Text, Boolean, Integer, Float, Binary, Image, Html, Date, Datetime, One2many, Many2one, Many2many)

You can add as many fields as you want by repeating the preview Add field step in the table.

A confirmation will apear choose y to continue or n to abort.

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