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Quick start

Quick Start

You can invoke the tool in the command line by typing codoo. Help is available, you can list commands or options for a specific command. Check bellow

codoo --help
python3 -m codoo --help

1. Create your first project

To create your first project you can simply type codoo project generate. This command will ask questions about your projects. Note: All questions are mandatory.

  • Project name: The name for your project
  • Odoo version: Odoo version (11 to 13)
  • Odoo license: Odoo license Community (Default) or Enterprise
  • Description: Project description
  • Author: Project Author
  • Website: Project Website
  • Prefix: Prefix to use for your project

A confirmation will apear choose y to confirm or n to abort.

2. Run the project

After we successfully generated, let's go to the project directory.

Note: replace 'project_name' with the name you choose for your project.

cd project_name

If you choose to run your project locally, simply copy the following code.

codoo server run

You can run your project with docker.

codoo server run -t docker

For more informations type codoo server --help.

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